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Maldon Museum in the Park

Maldon Museum in the Park exhibits items directly related to the town and District. They are a registered charity run entirely by volunteers. The Museum was established in 1922, as Maldon Borough Museum and in 1996 moved to their current premises, the Edwardian built former Park Keepers Lodge in Promenade Park, Maldon.

Here are a few items that we have created for the Museum to help entice visitors and keep the Museum up and running for years to come! 

museum in the park.jpg
Maldon Museum In the Park Final Logo.png

Updated Logo

Here is the before and after of thier logo. Maldon Museum in the park simply wanted to bring their logo back to life with the addition of adding 'Maldon' back into it. 

100 Years Logo

Maldon Museum in the Park wanted to celebrate its 100 years by marking their logo with a banner to remind everyone of the years of dedication that has been put in to keeping the museum up and running. 


Giftshop Items

All items are available from Maldon Museum in the Park's Giftshop

post card 09.02.21.jpg

Post Card 



to print card double_edited_edited.png

Greetings Card

12522_Maldon Museum_100 Years Invitiation_Option 1_V1.jpg
12522_Maldon Museum_100 Years Invitiation_Option 1_V12.jpg

100 Years
Celebration Invitation

To celebrate their 100 years of hard work and dedication. We created them an invitation for this wonderful occasion.


We created some personalised stickers for everyone to enjoy when they visit Maldon Museum in the Park. 


Our collection of leaflets, posters, window displays and banners created for
Maldon Museum in the Park 

00003_MMP_Barge Exhibit_Leaflet_A5_V1_AW.jpg
00003_MMP_Barge Exhibit_Leaflet_A5_V1_AW2.jpg
Maldon Museum Poster A3 06.03.21.jpg
Maldon Museum Poster2 A3 06.03.21.jpg
Exhibition _a5 Leaflet _Option 11 .jpg
Banner _ option 2 .png

Contact Them

They are always looking for new volunteers to help us run their Museum. You might like to be a Steward or to be involved behind the scenes working on displays, conserving their collection or carrying out maintenance work and cleaning during their closed period. Perhaps you may be interested in joining their management team. To find out more don't hesitate to get in touch with


The Museum in the Park
47 Mill Road


01621 842688

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