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Ashlie Ellis

the Owner

Graphic Designer, Artworker & Photography Editing

Born in Chelmsford, England. I studied Graphic Design, Interactive Media, IT, and Photography in college. I went on to study at the University of Suffolk graduating with a Bachelors of Arts with Honours in Event Management,

From there I began my graphic design career
working for an event styling company based in London, England, producing work and events for brands such as L'oréal, YouTube, Charlotte Tilbury and many more. 

I decided to make a big change and look for adventure and inspiration. This led to me backpacking solo around Thailand and Australia working as a freelance graphic designer creating professional products and designs.

AE Creative Design Began.

At AE Creative Design we are a creative and imaginative team, specialising in graphic design, illustration, Visual Merchandising, Photography Editing, Advertising, 3D, Animation, and Personalised Gifts
A combination that makes us a dream team for quality projects. 


Founded in 2019 by Ashlie Ellis, the founder and creative director of the studio. We are located in
the historic center of Maldon, producing quality products in countries such as Spain, England
and Australia.

We can offer English, Dutch and Spanish options.  

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